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The Best Way to Get Commercial Repair and Maintenance.

Access thousands of repair shops NATIONWIDE, wherever and whenever you need them,
without worrying about compliance.

The fastest way to find the truck and pay for your maintenance and repairs.
Now with safety & compliance functionalities.

Commercial Roadside Service Assistance

Call, text, or chat with us for help right now

Now you can be part of a startup in transportation logistics and supply chain.

You can invest in our company through crowdfunding.
Learn more about us and be part of our growth. 

Built with you in mind

Our mission is to keep your trucks up and running!
And when something unpredictable happens, you and your employees always have the ResQ TRX team of experts to rely on. 

Quick setup

Choose a plan and enter your company and payment info.
Set your budgets for approvals.

Easy to use

You set up your account profile. We will help you and train your drivers

We will do the rest

From now on, anytime a breakdown happens, we will take care of it end-to-end. You can always look up all the details and stay compliant with USDOT guidelines. 

How does our process work?

Your driver initiates a breakdown request

Driver breaks down, they call, text, or initiates a request from the app. We will get their locaiton, unit number, and the problem they are facing.

Constant follow-up with the repair and driver

We will dispatch and track the mechanic. Keep following up with the shop on ETA and update the driver throughout the process. No matter what time of the day it is, we will manage all negotiations, communications, and follow ups. 
The only time we will reachout for your input, if the repair will cost higher than the amount

We get to work to get them on the road

We will do all the legwork to get your or your driver up and running and find them help from our network. If its a location where we do not have someone in network we will reach out to all the nearby mechanics, get their rates, and our in house experts will explain the problem, so we can get someone that is experienced to cater to the issue.

Store all details and updates on the incident

All the details from conversation with all parties involved and the repair work related invoices will be stored and documented for compliance. 
You can always access your history of repairs and when a US DOT audit happens, you can count on that. 


Whether you’re a solo truck driver or a giant logistic company, you can’t always rely on your networks to reach everywhere. That’s where we come in. No matter where you are, we’ll always have a mechanic on their way. No wasted efforts on your part, let us get you back on the road!

Billing: 832-917-0968

Contact: 1-833-RESQ-TRX







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