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Pricing & Plans

Sleep with ease when managing your fleet. We got you covered round the clock. 

Your one-stop solution for all OTR needs. It is like having a 24/7 manager at a fraction of the cost. 

No Subscription


per transaction

Only pay when you use

Get access to all the mechanics.

Up to 20% discount on transaction costs. 

24/7 Support.

No contract. Just signup and you are ready to go.

Manage all repair history in a single place for compliance.



per month

Specially designed for owner-operators

All the benefits from Pay as you go plus.

Get up to 83% discount for transactions.

Owner / Driver manager portal with full visibility.

Management approval limits for repairs over an amount.

Get all invoices and receipts in one place for compliance audits.


starting from


per month

All the benefits from Trucker package plus.

Low cost of ownership, direct ROI.

Integrate with your ELD, TMS, and ERP.

Spend management and analysis.

Get an additional subscription based on the number of trucks.

For Roadside assistance now, Call us right now, or use our chat

Some of the features that are coming soon…

Safety and Compliance

Management and implementation of safety and compliance from your user accounts.

ELD Integration

We are experts in data analytics, so you do not have to be. We manage your analytics and convert them into easy-to-read reports and show you the data that really matters.

AI for all

Some of our most requested functionalities are under development. Some of them are AI Audit Assist, Remote Compliance, Live Trucker help AI, and Seamless integration to major TMS and ERP systems. Stay tuned!

Predictive Analytics

We are hard at work to make sure we do not just help you find repairs, but also let you know when a repair can occur on a particular truck model, driver experience, and other factors.

Give your drivers the to upload fuel and other receipts invoices

We make it easy for you to add all your invoices, receipts, notices, and bills.
Scan, take pictures, or just send all your invoices weekly by mail and we will organize and sort and handle bookkeeping. No more stacks of papers lying around, no more anxiety about what requires your attention and what not. We will give you tidy and easy-to-use document management platform with action items listed out for you to scale and focus on running your business.

All plans include

24/7 Support

We work round the clock so you do not have to.


We make sure that you get the fastest ETA and the best price. We negotiate rates with mechanics nationwide for our customers, so you do not have to.

Direct ROI

Our pricing is based on our service for incidents and market research. You will start realizing your return on investment from day one

You are the customer.

Our customer is you and your organization. We do not charge the mechanic in order to make sure we work with no bias and provide you with the best service.

Cancel Anytime

If, for any reason you do not like our service, you can cancel anytime and switch to Pay as you go. 

Many Benefits

We use experienced people and advanced technology to keep our service great and cost low. There are a lot of new features that are in the works, and we will offer them to our existing clients first.

Transaction Fee

We also accept EFS, ComCheck, and T-Check for no additional charge. We charge a 5% transaction fee to process credit cards, debit cards, and ACH. 

Added Service for setting up your existing invoices and receipts

Call us to setup a free consultation, and we can help you organize all your reporting and documents.

One stop for all you OTR

If anything happens over the road, we can handle it, help your driver with our resources and notify you in an organized fashion with actions taken to mitigate or steps we took to resolve their problems. Become the owner and manage through data without losing sleep.  

Stop spending money and sleep over repairs. Contact us now for more info

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, need clarification, or have concerns.

Whether you’re a solo truck driver or a giant logistic company, you can’t always rely on your networks to reach everywhere. That’s where we come in. No matter where you are, we’ll always have a mechanic on their way. No wasted efforts on your part, let us get you back on the road!

Billing: 832-917-0968

Contact: 1-833-RESQ-TRX







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