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Success is Within Reach: Safety Tips For Women Truckers

The most significant impediment is the trucking industry’s image. Those who aren’t in the sector often have yet to learn how vital the supply chain is to the economy.

Another barrier is that women only sometimes choose a career as a truck driver. Women are underrepresented in the supply chain even though a diversity of opportunities is open to them. In this post, we will discuss safety tips for women truckers so they can do their hauling better.

Professional drivers and diesel technicians are just some of the skill sets required. We also need employees skilled in dispatching, marketing, finances, accounting, leadership, and safety.

The best safety tips for women truckers

Female truckers experience more sexual harassment than men, and about half of the harassment, incidents go unreported, according to the administration’s survey. – Bloomberg Law

So, all truck drivers must prioritize their safety. Truck drivers often experience being completely alone and defenseless at night. This is a significant issue for women who work as truck drivers.

Female truckers describe the extra precautions they take to stay safe on the road — from disguising their gender and avoiding tight clothes to carrying weapons. (source)

In other words, it’s scary to switch careers or progress. As a woman in a male-dominated sector, the obstacles might seem impossible. Trucking success requires confidence, adequate training and certification, a solid community, and shifting the image of women in trucking.

Here are some tips that women always take care of.

  • Always be aware of your surroundings and trust your intuition.
  • Make sure someone you trust has your route planned and shared.
  • Don’t leave your truck in a vacant lot or an area without streetlights.
  • Lock your cab and shut the windows while you are not inside.
  • Avoid uncharted territory using a map or GPS gadget to plot your course.
  • You should carry a personal alarm and pepper spray for protection.
  • Avoid transporting significant quantities of cash or valuables.
  • Prepare yourself for how to respond to discrimination or harassment.
  • Connect with other women in the trucking industry, such as fellow drivers, dispatchers, and truck stop workers.
  • Consider becoming a member of a trucking organization since they often provide guidance and networking opportunities to women in the profession.
  • Take some lessons in self-defense and arm yourself with the knowledge to defend yourself.
  • Always think twice about picking up hitchhikers and use caution while giving rides.
  • To be safe, you should keep your phone charged and know how to contact someone in an emergency.
  • Always follow the traffic rules and regulations in the state where you are driving.
  • If you routinely stop at truck stops, rest areas, or weigh stations, introduce yourself to the staff there.
  • Emergency air horns are great. Blow your air horn if your truck is broken into. Run a rope, fishing line, or other cables. In an emergency, blast the air horn from the bed.
  • Do not initiate conversation if you must leave your truck at night and someone approaches you. If they persist, yell. Whistle, shout, and call 911.

If you’re a woman and want to work as a truck driver, you should know that it’s not always easy or safe, and that is why you should choose a career in trucking. However, if you keep your senses sharp and remember these safety measures, you can protect yourself and follow these safety tips for women truckers.

Wrapping Up

Women truck drivers must follow their gut and always be alert. They need to park in well-lit, crowded places, have an escape strategy, and always lock the doors and windows of their vehicle while inside. They must check for anything out of the ordinary and double-check their trucks before getting in.

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