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31 Most Common Truck Dashboard Warning Lights And Indicators

Like human bodies, vehicles have message systems that notify us of problems. When we have a problem that needs our attention, the dashboard has lights that flash messages.

Different colors of dashboard warning lights often indicate the severity of the issue. Generally, warning lights of a darker color (amber or red) show a more dangerous situation than their lighter-colored counterparts (yellow and green).

Here, we’ll go through the many kinds of dashboard warning lights and indicators found in trucks and their functions.

Thankfully, sensors and warning lights on your vehicle may detect an imminent issue before you do. But do you know what each of the gauge symbols represents? 

What do the colors red, yellow, and green even signify?

We have divided those dashboard warning lights into three light-up color categories!

RED means danger, so stop immediately and call your supplier or road service.

Yellow means to be careful. Check the warning light and ask your dealer for help as soon as possible.

GREEN means “safe”; this light means “safety,” so please drive safely.

Red Symbols

1. Airbag warning light 

When the front airbag is deactivated, a warning light will illuminate. If this light comes on or flashes, there is a problem with the airbag or safety belt system.

2. Brake warning light 

If the warning light comes on, it implies that one of the bulbs in the external brake lights is broken. Inspect the functionality of the external brake light bulbs.

3. Battery light 

When the warning light comes on, it implies that the truck is either low on charge or is not charging correctly. It usually means there is something wrong with the alternator or battery.

4. Oil pressure light 

The oil pressure has gone down, which means the lubrication system is broken or no longer working. Ensure the oil is at the proper level and the pressure is correct immediately.

5. Engine temperature warning light 

If the light comes on, it implies the engine temperature is too high. Verify that there is sufficient coolant and that the fan, radiator cap, and any leaks in the system are all in working order.

6. Low-fuel warning light 

The vehicle’s low-fuel light implies it’s getting close to empty and has to be filled up.

7. Cab tilt warning light 

The cabin is unlocked if this light appears on your dashboard when you start your truck. The light shows that if you drive as it is, the cabin will move, which is dangerous! Drive carefully after locking the cabin.

8. Master Warning Light 

Often paired with another warning light, this light means that one or more warning systems have been found.

9. Seat belt Remainder 

A vehicle passenger not wearing a seat belt will cause the indicator light to illuminate.

10. Steering wheel lock

A flashing warning light indicates you can’t turn the wheel. When you put the key in the ignition and turn it to the first position, the steering lock will be unlocked, letting you turn the wheel in any direction.

11. Trailer tow hitch warning 

When the tow hitch indicator light is on, either the hitch is unlocked or has a problem with the lights.

12. Forward collision warning

The warning light will come on as soon as the system thinks there might be a collision.

13. Parking Brake Light

When the parking brake light comes on, put the vehicle into park.

14. Distance Warning

When an indicator light comes on, it implies that either the car in front of you is too near or is being approached too rapidly or that there is a fixed barrier in the way of passage.

Yellow Symbols

15. Engine light or Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) 

When you start the engine, the indicator light comes on so you can see whether the bulb is working. A persistently on check engine light indicates that the vehicle’s diagnostic systems have discovered a problem.

16. Antilock brake warning light 

If this light comes on, it’s time to have the anti-lock brakes checked out and perhaps repaired.

17. Tire pressure warning light 

A tire pressure warning light signals that one of your tires has low air pressure.

18. Traction control malfunction light

The presence of an indicator light indicates an issue with the vehicle’s traction control.

19. Traction control warning light 

When the TCS (traction control system) is engaged, a warning light will illuminate.

20. Transmission Temperature 

If the warning light comes on, the engine temperature is too high. Make sure the coolant is full, the fan is working, the radiator cap is tightened, and there are no leaks.

21. Service vehicle soon 

When a problem is found in the anti-lock brake system (ABS), traction control system (TCS), electronic suspension, or hydraulic brake system, the corresponding indicator light will light up.

22. Hill Descent Control 

When the system is turned on, a light reminds the driver to keep the speed set when going down a steep hill.

23. Fuel Filter warning light 

If the diesel fuel filter light comes on, it implies the filter is packed and has to be emptied to prevent engine damage.

24. Exhaust Fluid 

There is a low level of diesel exhaust fluid in the reservoir, as shown by the warning light.

25. Security light symbol 

If the ignition switch is locked, the indicator light will flash briefly to let you know that you need a key with a transponder to start the vehicle. If the light comes on while the truck runs, it usually means something is wrong with the security system.

Green Symbols

26. Low beam indicator light 

When the indicator light comes on, it implies that the dipped beams are active.

27. Front Fog light 

The front fog lights are on, as shown by the indicator light.

28. Sidelight indicator 

When the regular headlights are on, the indicator light will illuminate.

29. Auto High Beam 

The high beam indicator light shows the Auto High Beam system has activated the high beams.

30. Direction/ signal indicator 

When the indicator light comes on, the left or right turn signal has been enabled.

31. Brake hold indicator light 

The brake hold system is operating correctly if the indicator light is on.


Keeping an eye on the truck’s dashboard warning lights is beneficial for more than just the vehicle itself; it may also save lives and prevent property damage. Due to laziness, lack of time, or resources, many truckers need to pay more attention to dashboard indicators. 

However, in the long term, their lack of knowledge causes them more problems than they could have ever anticipated. We hope our readers will be better equipped to take care of their trucks now that they understand the dashboard warning signals and what they mean. In any emergency, you can call ResQ TRX Support or download our app.

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