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Truck Repair Service 101: How Wo Fix A Hard-Starting Truck

Truck starting problem?

Truck batteries endure four to five years under regular usage. Get your battery examined if your truck is cranking slower than usual, your “check engine” light is still on, or your headlights are dim.

In this scenario, truck hard-starting isn’t exclusive to the winter. Regardless of temperature, there are typical causes of long cranking durations. In this article, we will dig deep into how to fix hard-starting trucks in detail.

What are the most common hard-starting symptoms in trucks?

Don’t give up if you’ve tried everything to start your vehicle but are still sitting helplessly on the side of the roadway. Hard starting is usually the simplest to diagnose of all the truck repair concerns.

Even though it’s irritating when your truck won’t start, it’s essential to recognize the signs that indicate hard-starting trouble so you may take the appropriate measures to fix it.

  • A dead or weak battery
  • Starter Contacts are no longer working.
  • Starter assembly or circuit issue
  • Neither a battery problem nor a starter issue

1- A dead or weak battery

Common symptoms of a dead or weak battery include:

  • The feeble cranking begins when the key is turned in the ignition.
  • Very low or nonexistent dash lights
  • There is either nothing electrical that works or barely does (e.g., the window scrolls down a lot slower than average).
  • The dome’s internal light gradually fades out.
  • Internal and dashboard lighting flickers.
  • All electronic components are fully functional.

How to fix it

  • First, inspect the terminals for looseness and rusting.
  • If a battery’s lifetime has expired, it should be replaced rather than recharged or conducting diagnostics.
  • If the connection is good, upgrade the battery and recharge.
  • Drive the truck for 20–30 minutes to see whether the battery will recharge, yet do not pull over to determine if it will restart.
  • If recharging doesn’t work, you’ll have to replace it.

2- Starter contacts are no longer working

Common symptoms of a starter problem include:

  • Put the key in the ignition, and the engine will start to crank.
  • The dashboard lights get a little darker for a second, but then they stay vivid.
  • The operation of all electrical accessories is regular.

How to fix it

  • Take the starting solenoid apart and replace the contacts.
  • If comparable price, replace starting solenoid assembly.

3-Starter assembly or circuit issue

Common symptoms of a starter circuit issue include:

  • Cranking happens when the key is turned in the ignition or when the starter button is pressed.
  • The lights on the dashboard remain operational.
  • Every electrical accessory is operating correctly.

How to fix it

  • Depending on the problem, you might need to replace the starting contacts, solenoid, or whole starter assembly.

4- Neither a battery nor a starter issue

Cranking occurs after putting the key into the ignition. It is operating fine, but it won’t start. The truck can’t move until it has air, gasoline, and a spark.

How to fix it

A professional expert should do a full diagnostic on this issue. Unless the problem is more complex, the technician will likely need an hour to investigate it. You can call ResQ TRX support or use the ResQ TRX Mobile app to find an available certified technician near you.

Very rarely, a truck with a smart key won’t start or can’t find the key. Hold the smart key over the start button and push it to fix the problem.

How can ResQ TRX help you? 

ResQ TRX offers end-to-end driver communication and repair management nationwide for unplanned downtime. Through our platform, we help logistics companies find truck repair services quickly when they are needed. 

We link truck drivers with repair and roadside assistance service providers and dispatch teams. Through the platform, drivers can ask for maintenance and roadside assistance, and service providers can keep track of requests. The system also has solutions for fleets and logistics, such as real-time tracking, optimizing routes, and analyzing driver performance. 


The total cost of unexpected downtime due to hard-starting issues may vary significantly. This may include the cost of towing, truck repair, getting it fixed if it breaks down, or replacing broken components—all because the cargo delivery was delayed. 

So, check the starter motor, battery, alternator, connections, sensors, fuel line, and fuel filter regularly to avoid expensive downtime and other truck maintenance issues.

When you need to replace the starter or repair any electrical components, there’s no need to seek further help since we’ve got your back right here at ResQ TRX. We are a one-stop solution for all of your repair service needs.

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