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Women in Trucking- A Need of the Hour in Men-Dominant Industry

The trucking industry had changed much from its early days when it was notoriously difficult for women to enter. These days, operating a vehicle requires less physical exertion than it formerly did. Trucking used to be a male-dominated industry, but times have changed, and it’s grown much more welcoming to women and minorities. Female role models in the trucking sector encourage more women to enter the profession. To understand this pattern, let’s look at how women in trucking have transformed and why recruiting, employing, and supporting them is critical to the business.

Can a woman operate a truck?

Absolutely, she can do it! The number of female fighter pilots, astronauts, surgeons, attorneys, airline pilots, etc., is already relatively high. Compared to men, they drive the nation’s highways more professionally. They’re far more careful on the road than other truck drivers. Regardless of a person’s gender, you can expect truck drivers to do their duties safely, conscientiously, and competently.

Identifying the challenges that keep women from trucking

But the point is, why do so many women enter the trucking sector as a second or third job rather than as their first choice? There are many reasons behind it. Only 7% of the trucking workforce consists of women. With a truck driver shortage at an all-time high and a turnover rate that hasn’t been this high since 2015, many people believe the industry could use improvement. Women face more significant challenges than men, yet despite this, they are kind, generous, and often harassed by men who mistake them for easy targets. They are not easy prey, and some can and will defend themselves more effectively than men. Most women who drive trucks don’t stop for restroom breaks; when they do, they use the amenities, no matter how few they may be compared to those accessible to men. Women have been shown to be safer drivers on the road than men; thus, there is no reason why women can’t make a job as truck drivers. Female truck drivers pay less for insurance since they are statistically safer on the road.

Why is it so tricky to find truck drivers?

Who would gladly drive in a metal coffin on bad roads for a few cents per mile? Finding competent drivers might take a lot of work. Drivers need to get the full training they need to become the well-trained, expert professionals they should be. The wage gap is the most pressing concern. Because almost no one is aware of the dangers listed above, the pay is so low that almost no one would take this job. The wage crisis can be fixed, but it’s also important to think about all the other costs that come with trucking. Some trucking companies may have to close their doors because of the growing cost of gasoline. There needs to be more money to go around, even if enough people are ready to drive. Driving a truck is one of the most hazardous professions. It’s just as risky as working in law enforcement.  Let’s thank the courageous.  You go, girls, and keep on truckin’!

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